My Humble 60cm Low-Tech Planted Tank

Low light 40 liter planted tank. No CO2, hence low tech. 10-20 watt LED lighting.

60cm Low-Tech Planted Tank 1

Active soil keeping the pH acidic at around 6.3. Tank age at the moment of posting is 1 week old.

60cm Low-Tech Planted Tank 2

First of all this tank is a rescape. Got a bad soil turned into mud and made the water muddy, which in turn clogged up the filter quickly. I thought it was bacterial bloom, but now you can see water is so pristine makes me want to drink it. 😀

60cm Low-Tech Planted Tank 3

The soil is great, water turns clear after 1 hour of initial setup and in addition it doesn’t release excess ammonia like Amazonia Aqua Soil. Due to these qualities it’s considered as shrimp safe as well. The packaging label it to promote aquatic plant growth though,

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