XCOM 2 gameplay part 1

XCOM 2 GamePlay Part 1: Operation Gatecrasher

XCOM 2 Gameplay Part 1

Ironman mode Enabled. First mission: Operation Gatecrasher. Along the off battle strategic choices and narrative videos. Primary objective of the mission is to sabotage ADVENT monument. Max settings HD 1080p.

I have recorded the whole Gameplay from the same story to the last mission, so please watch them at your convenience. Difficulty level increased accordingly. 🙂

Original video edited and rendered with Blender v2.78

Some XCOM 2 Steam Reviews:

XCOM 2 Pro

Really enjoyed this game. It has everything that XCOM EU had and more.
Great graphics, nice storyline and addictive gameplay. Don’t expect something completely new from the previous part as in my opinion this is a polished version of its predecessor with some additional features.

The only thing I can moan about is several graphical glitches that I’ve encountered, nothing major but still annoying.
Overall a great must-play title.

XCOM 2 Con

It’s better than 1, it has Armor, it has new units, the graphics are extremely good and everything is nice and dandy, except for that one thing that keeps this game from being actually great.

The Spawn and Engage mechanics for the aliens is broken. The way it works is you “activate” a squad of aliens as soon as you see them. Depending on how far you are in your turn this deems your squadron either to doom or to an unfair advantage for you.

It’s hard to explain, contrary to the old originals the enemies don’t really roam on the map independently. They have their attention radius and they attack all XCOM operatives in that radius but they don’t care if their mates are fighting or dieing, as long as they don’t see an XCOM operative they don’t care.

This leads to several weird, stupid situations:

  • If you go in close combat with an alien to finish it off it can be that because you moved close to it you just triggered an alien group behind that alien that now will position itself. Because you probably just finished your activation this group gets a full turn of actions.
  • Oftentimes you have concealment at the start of a mission, let’s say you see 2 alien squads relatively close to each other just move in a way where you don’t see the other anymore barely and then attack. That squad won’t lift a finger even if they are an arms length from their dying comrades. It makes absolutely no sense.

Lets say it the other way around, you didn’t finish the alien in Melee but with ranged weapons, now this alien patrol accidentally walks into YOUR attention radius. They position themselves but in their turn and you get a full turn to react to them giving you a relatively unfair advantage.

Just like in XCOM1 it discourages you from splitting up your squadron and truly flanking your enemy because normally you just active another Alien Squad which completely negates the aspect of flanking.

I’m pretty sure they tried to fix this weird gamedesign with the introduction of constant timepressure in missions to avoid the constant baiting one tile at a time gameplay. Doesnt really work, tactical games like this shouldnt have 90% of these types of missions just to cover up this glaring issue of gameplay.

It feels like you’re gaming the system, encouraging you to either safescum or losing all your soldiers to stupid mechanics that you cannot influence no matter how skilled you are. You have to cheese the system and then you are fine, it doesnt feel like you master tactical combat, it feels like you abuse the spawning mechanics and that’s it.

Before you jump on my neck, i finished the first one in classic ironman and i’m doing relatively well in this one but i just can’t get past this very important gameplay aspect. It feels out of place, it swings the favour way to much either in your or against your enemies way and it strips the game unfortunately alot from many tactical decisions.

This is, like Xcom 1, a “good” game but ultimately missed the mark in how combat works. It’s definitely not holding a candle to the old titles that got this just right, but suffer from old gameplay. It’s a shame as they fixed and introduced armor to the game that works really well for instance.

Hence i cannot recommend XCOM2, i’m not sure i keep playing but i feel underwhelmed by what it is even though the production value is very high across the board.

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