XCOM 2 gameplay part 2

XCOM 2 GamePlay Part 2: Operation Spider Prince

XCOM 2 Gameplay Part 2

Ironman mode Enabled. Second mission: Operation Spider Prince. Primary objective is to hack resistance computer workstation. Along the off battle strategic choices and narrative videos. Max settings HD 1080p.

Original video edited and rendered with Blender v2.78

XCOM 2 Steam Reviews:

XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategy game where we play as “Commander”. As Commander we need to rise resistance and lead rest of XCOM forces to take back our planet from alien occupation.


  • great graphics and animations
  • amazing customization options
  • steam workshop (mods)
  • random generating levels (every level/map feels really different)
  • almost every sort of enviroments (forest, swamps, deserts, cities/villages, snow terrains etc.)
  • destructable areas (most of things can be destroyed but not all)
  • big variety in enemy units
  • high replayability
  • great soundtrack
  • interesting story
  • better soldier classes each with his own unique weapons/items and skill tree
  • harder than previous XCOM
  • new concealment mechanic (stealth/ambush)
  • more cutscenes
  • some interesting and more likeable characters (compared to previous one)


  • optimization problems
  • mirror bugs (examples: shooting through the wall , unbreakable windows/doors etc.)
  • timed missions/campaign (there are many mods making it better or just deleting completly so don’t worry)
  • no more interception missions (interception wasn’t great but new hacking system isn’t that good either)

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