XCOM 2 gameplay part 3

XCOM 2 GamePlay Part 3: Operation Iron Blade

XCOM 2 Gameplay Part 3

Ironman mode Enabled. Third mission: Operation Iron Blade. A bit tricky scene in the middle for having no Ranger, but satisfying end result pays itself. Video showing kinda long off battle strategic choices and narrative scenes. Primary objective of the mission is to extract VIP from ADVENT city.

Max settings, HD 1080p.

Original video edited and rendered with Blender v2.78

XCOM 2 Steam Reviews:

(+) Changed review to postive review because I found settings that run the game flawlessly without much sacrifice in visual quality.

The fast-paced nature if the game no longer bothers me.

I recommend using FXAA, turning Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field off entirely and putting the Shadows on “Directional Only”. With these settings and everything else turned up to Max, I’m running the game at 1440p with 62-64fps in game constantly, and 120+fps in other areas of the game.

EDIT: After the patch, I can now run FXAA, SSAO, Bokeh Depth of Field, and All Shadows and am getting 70-90 fps in game and 120fps on the loading screens! Could not be happier!! However, I still prefer to keep AO and DoF off and Shadows on Directional Only as I get over 100fps in game consistently and it never dips below 60fps at any time. It’s worth noting that there seems to also be a bug now where SLI users no longer have cover icons (I use SLI and the game runs about 100% better with it, so it’s staying on regardless). For NVIDIA users, I recommend also going into the NVIDIA Control Panel and turning on Anisotropic Optimization; it gives me about a 25-30 fps boost with little, if any, noticeable drop in visual quality.

The gameplay is good, the visuals are superb, and the music and sounds are very well done and sound amazing on surround sound. I recommend it if you enjoy fast-paced tactics games and killing alien scum.

(-) I have 400 hours on this game and I love it.

I do not recommend it.

Don’t support a company that takes giant backwards leaps in performance and features. The bugs, crashes, core technical faults, and issues won’t be fixed because they can’t be fixed. Seeing units through walls as you pass by, a character being unusable until reloading (bad luck if you’re not smart enough to make manual ironman backups this far in) because they fell through a roof onto a prop, the objectives being destroyed instantly by fire and environmental-destructive enemies (Andromedon’s natural walking behaviour will destroy it if it comes into contact), as well as a myriad of other issues; almost all are inherently part of the games creation and will not be “fixed”.

I am under the assumption Firaxis’s publishers rushed the game out of the door to meet deadlines, because I struggle to believe the developers and entire team(s) thought the game was in a “version ready” state, and not late-beta.

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