5 Tips To Enjoy and Benefit From Twitter

Twitter is a great place to make friends, socialize, find new content, and promote your own content. But, how do you enjoy Twitter and benefit from it? Here are 5 tips that will help you do so. And by the way, dont forget to follow me on Twitter! πŸ™‚

1. Pass Good Content On

Many Twitter users tweet about great stuff (resource lists, articles, blog posts, etc). If you re-tweet (tweet it again) such content, you’re passing it on. That’s the beauty of it. By spreading great content, you’re helping people. People will acknowledge that. They will also see that you tweet about good content: content that will help them. They will most likely follow you.

Another benefit is that people will begin to re-tweet your stuff too. That shows that you have authority, and you will gain respect on Twitter.

2. Promote

It doesn’t hurt to promote your own stuff on Twitter. A tweet once in a while about a post that could be useful to people is a good way to promote. If you’ve been re-tweeting other peoples tweets, people will re-tweet your stuff too.

Here’s a personal example. Since about two weeks, I’ve been re-tweeting like heck. Any tweet that lands in my timeline that could be helpful to other people gets a re-tweet. Once in a while, I also drop in a tweet about a post on my other blog, Travel Guide. The result is that people re-tweet that tweet of mine, giving me more traffic, exposure, and increasing my authority on Twitter at the same time.

3. Help Out

Twitter is a community. And a community thrives when the people in it help each other out. You should do the same. Ideally, you should give more than you take. If anybody on Twitter asks for help, do your best to help them out. They’ll be grateful to you.

4. Acknowledge

If you find that someone on Twitter has tweeted about a really useful tutorial or article that solves a problem, or has done you a favour, don’t hesitate to thank them for it. Be grateful to them. Even flatter them. This is a great way to build friendships with people on Twitter.

5. Follow!

Don’t be a recluse. Follow people on Twitter. You don’t have to follow each and every person, but follow those who have interests similar to yours, or tweet about good content. Try to follow as many people as possible each day. Along will adding value to your Twitter timeline, the people you follow will most likely follow you back. So it’s a win-win situation.


So, do you have any Twitter tips you’d like to share? Please do πŸ™‚

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